Massage and Bodywork for Horses

Your horse deserves to feel and perform better. We offer focused massage therapy to keep them at their very best.

Heart To Hoof

How do I know if my horse needs treatment?

Your horse will tell you when they are not feeling well, you just have to know what to listen for. Here are some signs you should be on the lookout for.

  • Your horse is unable to square up

  • Your horse picks up the wrong lead frequently

  • Twitching or flinching when grooming

  • Generally tensing up/ acting agitated/ slinging their head

Learn how massage therapy can benefit your horse

Whether your horse is a performer, a worker, or just a pet, massage therapy can help them live their best life.

What we offer

I provide a compassionate and expert approach to caring for your horse. I conduct an individualized comprehensive assessment at no extra charge to determine the most effective treatment protocol for your horse’s needs.

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  • Examination

    Every session begins with a thorough evaluation of your horse, guaranteeing that the most suitable and effective treatment is given.

  • Focused Treatment

    Following a comprehensive examination, I tailor my approach to address your horse's individual requirements, ensuring optimal results.

  • Care Plan

    I provide stretching and care routines tailored specifically to your horse's needs to keep them feeling better for longer.